FFXIV Error 90002 Solution for Seamless Gaming

FFXIV Error 90002 Solution for Seamless Gaming

If you’ve ever delved into the entrancing realm of Final Fantasy XIV, you might have encountered the infamous FFXIV Error 90002. This apparently mysterious error code has left many players scraping their skulls in frustration. Fear not, fellow travelers! In this guide, we’ll embark on a journey to clarify FFXIV Error 90002, discovering its origins, troubleshooting methods, and providing valuable insights to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

What is FFXIV error 90002?

Picture this: You’re deep in an epic raid, spells flying, companions by your side, and then suddenly. FFXIV Error 90002 strikes. But what does it mean? At its core, Error 90002 is a disconnection error that severs your connection to the game server. This sudden interruption can be caused by various factors, ranging from network issues to server instability.

Decoding the Error Message

When faced with ffxiv error 90002, you may encounter a cryptic message like “Connection with the server was lost” or “Connection error detected.” While this might not shed much light on the root cause, understanding these messages is crucial for effective troubleshooting.

Why this error 90002 in FFXIV ?

  • This error typically occurs when there is a trouble in the player’s internet connection or when there is a inactivity issue while trying to connect to the game’s servers.
  • The error code 90002 serves as a notification to the player that their connection has been interrupted and they are unable to continue playing.
  • The developers of FFXIV have applied this error code as a means to minimize connectivity issues and maintain the constancy of the game’s server environment.
  • While encountering error code 90002 may be trying, players can often resolve the issue by checking their internet connection, resetting their router, or waiting for any server-related problems to be resolved.
  • It is important for FFXIV players to understand that error code 90002 is a common incidence in online gaming and should not be a cause for anxiety, as it is usually a temporary delay that can easily be resolved.

How do I fix error 90002 FFXIV?

  1. Check Your internet Connection

Before investigating into complex solutions, start with the basics. Ensure your internet connection is steady and running at optimum speeds. A quick router reset capacity work sensations.

Press the win+x key and click the Run to open it.

After typing the command ncpa. cpl and ok click.

Now open it for the Network connection tab.

Then right-click on your connecting network adapter.  

Select the Properties.

Find Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by clicking on it.

Below click Properties and select Use the following DNS server Addresses.  

Given the use of this value DNS server:  

Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:                   


Preferred DNS server:

Alternate DNS server:   Press OK and close the All tab. 

  1. Server Status Check

Checking the oracle (official server status page) can provide valuable insights. If the servers are responsibility maintenance or experiencing issues, patience becomes your benefit.

  1. Update  Drivers

Visit the sheds (official websites of your hardware components) to download the latest drivers. A well-fed gaming rig is less likely to yield to Error 90002.

  • Press “win+x”  after clicking on Device Manager.
  • Now open it then find Display Adapter click.


  • Then Right-click to Update driver select.

  • Now update the graphics driver.


Reinstall Graphics card

  4.Disable Antivirus and Firewall Temporarily

Make supports with your firewall settings. Adding FFXIV to the list of trusted applications ensures it won’t be treated as an interloper.


In the grand wall-hanging of Eorzea, FFXIV Error 90002 might seem like a difficult foe. However, armed with knowledge and a touch of technical ability, you can overcome this problem and continue your adventures incessant. Remember, every error is an opportunity to learn and develop stronger in the gaming realm.


Is FFXIV Error 90002 a common issue?

Yes, it’s a fairly common issue reported by players. However, with the right troubleshooting steps, it can be resolved.

Can a VPN help mitigate FFXIV Error 90002?

While some players have reported success with VPNs, it’s important to use them cautiously. Rectangular Enix advises against using VPNs, as they can introduce additional problems.

Are there specific times when FFXIV Error 90002 is more likely to occur?

Instances of Error 90002 can point during peak gaming hours or server maintenance periods. Staying conversant about server schedules can help you plan your gaming assemblies accordingly.

Is Error 90002 exclusive to a particular platform?

No, Error 90002 can affect players on several platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Mac. The troubleshooting steps providing are appropriate across different platforms.

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