call of duty microphone not working ps5

call of duty microphone not working ps5

Get on on a gaming adventure only to be happened with silence due to a not working microphone can be trying. we unravel the secrecies behind the ‘Call of Duty microphone not working’ problem on your PS5.

why does my call of duty mic not working ps4?

Before diving into solutions, let’s grip the root of the problem. Is it a hardware bug, a software issue, or something else completely? Understanding the source is the first step near a solution.

Checking Hardware Connections

A loose connection might be the offender. Ensure your microphone is securely plugged into the controller or the comfort. A comfy fit can make a world of difference.

    • Go to the Search bar and click type cmd. 
    • Command prompt right-click Run as an administrator click. 

    microphone not working

    • After Yes click to open its command prompt. 
    • Below is the command following copy and paste to press enter. 

    Ipconfig /flushdns

    Ipconfig /release 

    Ipconfig /all 

    Ipconfig /renew

    netsh winsock reset

    • After trying to Call of Duty open to play the game.

    Adjusting Audio Settings on PS5

    Circumnavigate through your PS5’s audio settings to certify your microphone is recognized. Sometimes, a simple adjustment can jumpstart your mic back into action.

    • Go to the PS5 and home page.
    • Select the Settings 
    • Choose in Sound.
    • Select Audio Output.

    Software Updates: A Game-Changer

    Outdated software can wreak destruction on your gaming experience. Recurrently check for updates to keep your PS5 and Call of Duty software in top-indentation condition.

    • Open the Steam client.
    • Click on the “Library” tab at the top of the Steam client.

    • select the game for Call of Duty game.
    • Right-click on the selected game.
    • click on “Properties.”
    • Select the Controller
    • Choose override for Call of Duty Game.         

                           ❌  Disable Steam Input                         ✅ Use default settings                          ✅✅Enable Steam Input. 

    In-Game Mic Settings Demystified

    Explore the in-game settings of Call of Duty. Thoughtful and configuring the mic settings within the game can resolve various microphone issues.

    • Press “win+x”  after clicking on Device Manager.
    • Now open it then find Audio input and Outputs Driver click.
    • Click the Arrow And Expand the Audio input and Outputs.


    • Then Right-click to Microphone driver select.
    • Now update the Microphone driver.

    The Role of System Software

    Sometimes, the PS5 system software the issue needs an update. Ensure you’re running the latest version to profit from performance improvements and bug fixes.

    microphone not working Compatibility Issues

    Not all mics are created equal. Confirm that your microphone is well-matched with the PS5. Check the builder’s references for whole integration.

    Is it a Network Problem?

    Believe it or not, network issues can disturb your mic. Ensure a stable internet connection, as lag or drops in connectivity can lead to microphone bugs.

    Press the win+x key and click the Run to open it.

    After typing the command ncpa. cpl and ok click.

    Now open it for the Network connection tab.

    Then right-click on your connecting network adapter.  

    Select the Properties.

    Find Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4) by clicking on it.

    Below click Properties and select Use the following DNS server Addresses.  

    Given the use of this value DNS server:  

    Preferred DNS server:

    Alternate DNS server:                   


    Preferred DNS server:

    Alternate DNS server:   Press OK and close the All tab.

    When All Else Fails: Contact Support

    If your mic remains inflexibly silent, it’s time to reach out to PS5 support. They have the expertise to guide you through more advanced troubleshooting steps.

    Conclusion: Back in the Battlefield

    Prepared with these troubleshooting tips, you can now face the Call of Duty battlefield with confidence. Don’t let microphone issues stand amongst you and victory.


    Why is my PS5 mic not working in Call of Duty??

    • Mic errors can stem from hardware, software, or network issues. Follow our attendant for step-by-step solutions.

    How do I check my mic’s compatibility with PS5??

    • Refer to the mic’s physical or the manufacturer’s website for compatibility information. Not all mics work effortlessly with the PS5.

    Are there specific network requirements for Call of Duty mics??

    • Yes, a stable internet connection is central. Lag or drops can result in mic problems. Ensure a reliable network for continuous gaming.

    What should I do if adjusting audio settings doesn’t work??

    • If change audio settings doesn’t solve the issue, explore other troubleshooting steps described in our guide.

    How can I contact PS5 support for microphone issues??

    • Reach out to PS5 support via their official networks. They are prepared to assist you with microphone not working troubleshooting and solutions.

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