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FC 24 Controller Not Working : How to fix It

FC 24 Controller Not Working : How to fix It

In today’s fast-paced gaming industry,fc 24 controller true gamer knows the importance of a reliable and functional game controller.

Whether you’re exploring virtual realms or competing in intense multiplayer battles, having a controller that does not work properly can be a real buzzkill.

One particular controller that has generated considerable attention among gamers is the FC 24 game controller. However, even this state-of-the-art device occasionally faces technical glitches that can leave frustrated gamers feeling defeated.

In this blog post, we will explore the common issues faced by FC 24 users when their game controller stops working, and provide practical tips and troubleshooting solutions to get you back in the game with minimal hassle. So, grab a seat, and let’s dive into the world of FC 24 controller troubleshooting!

Why Is My FC 24 Controller Not Working?

The frustration of troubleshooting your controller not working fc 24 can be daunting, especially when you’re eagerly looking forward to an immersive gaming experience.

There are several common reasons why your controller not working fc 24 might not be functioning properly, and it’s essential to tackle each potential issue systematically.

Firstly, ensure that the controller is adequately charged or that the batteries are fresh. Secondly, check if the controller is correctly connected to your gaming platform or device.

Additionally, examine the physical condition of the controller, including any loose or stuck buttons. Lastly, it’s always wise to verify that the controller is compatible with your particular gaming system. By addressing these possible causes, you’ll be one step closer to resolving the problem and getting back to the exhilarating world of gaming.

How do I fix the controller not working fc 24?

1. Update Bluetooth & USB Controller, XBOX Controller 

  • Press “win+x”  after clicking on Device Manager.
  • Now open it then find (Bluetooth, USB & Xbox) Adapter click.

  • Then Right-click to Update drivers select.(Bluetooth, USB & Xbox)
  • Now update the (Bluetooth, USB & Xbox) driver.

2.Select Connected controller in steam

  • Launch the Steam client on your computer.
  • Click on “Steam” in the top-left corner of the Steam.
  • Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the “Controller” tab located in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Choose the Correct Controller and Enable it

3.Enable Game Controller in FC 24 game

  • Open the Steam client.
  • Click on the “Library” tab at the top of the Steam client.
  • select the game for FC 24 game.
  • Right-click on the selected game.
  • click on “Properties.”
  • Select the Controller
  • Choose override for FC 24 Game
  • ❌  Disable Steam Input
  • ✅ Use default settings
  • ✅✅Enable Steam Input

4. Disconnect controller/Gamepad

Using USB:

  • If you connected your controller via USB, simply unplug the USB cable from your computer.

Using a PS5:

  • Press the PlayStation button on the controller
  • Open the Control Center.
  • Navigate to the “Accessories” section.
  • Find your controller and select “Disconnect.”

Using an Xbox :

  • Press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide.
  • Navigate to the Profile & System tab.
  • Choose Settings > Devices & Connections> Accessories.
  • Select your controller, then choose Disconnect.

5. Disable the In-Game Overlay Steam.

  • Launch the Steam client on your computer.
  • Click on “Steam” in the top-left corner of the Steam.
FC 24 Controller
controller not working fc 24
  • Select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on the “In-Game” tab located in the left-hand sidebar.

FC 24 Controller

  • Unselect  the box that says “Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game.”


In conclusion, the FC 24 game controller has failed to meet expectations due to its consistent malfunctioning issues. Despite its sleek design and promising features, many consumers have reported experiencing significant frustrations when using this controller.

The lack of responsiveness, frequent disconnections, and unresponsive triggers have significantly hindered the gaming experience with this particular controller. Gamers rely on their equipment to be reliable and efficient, allowing them to unleash their full potential in virtual worlds.

Unfortunately, the FC 24 game controller falls short of delivering this level of performance. Ultimately, it is crucial for gamers to carefully consider their options and thoroughly research controllers before making a purchase, ensuring they invest in a reliable and high-quality gaming experience.

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